Probably, the best charcoal in the world

I must admit it. Our charcoal at Polesden Lacey is the best charcoal in the whole world. So if you’re planning a BBQ, now you know where to get the good stuff from…from our NT shop.

Our charcoal is made predominately from ash trees on our estate at Polesden Lacey, including Ranmore Common. And Ranmore Common has historically always had a reputation for producing the whitest, cleanest and basically bestest ash in the whole wide world. We even have a section of woodland called Ash Valley…in fact we have another few hectares called ‘Ash Valley 2’

In case you didn’t know, logs and charcoal from ash are considered to be the finest ingredient among erm ‘charcoal and log burning connoisseurs’ due to its heat retention and the long time it takes to burn.

Sure, there are other contenders for that charcoal crown, that occasionally catch a charcoal connoisseurs’ eye…oak, but the burn is too slow and not hot enough…birch, but the burn is too hot, and over in minutes, pine, but again it is over too quickly and it tends to generally be messy.

Anyway, our charcoal is made from ash! It’s the best! So if you want to give your culinary skills the justice and love it deserves…then buy our charcoal. It’s the best (erm, I have already mentioned that our charcoal is the best…cos, it is). 

Here are some photos of us making charcoal on the estate…we had to stay out all night under the stars to watch over the kiln, oh and eat an amazing BBQ around a campfire and watch the stunning wildlife…the sacrifices we make to produce this charcoal!



charcoal making 2


charcoal making  

charcoal bags in shop


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+2 #3 Simon Akeroyd 2013-08-26 11:00
I love adding sprigs of thyme too. Thankfully there is loads of wild thyme in the fields and chalky grassland at Polesden.
+5 #2 Tracey 2013-08-25 12:46
Adding sprigs of thyme to the charcoal on a bbq gives a wonderful flavour to the food and the smoke smells nice too! :-)
+5 #1 Tracey 2013-08-22 20:07
Great pictures! It looks like an excellent excuse to get together and do something fun. Count me in for the next charcoal burn!

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