Size matters!

The purple-podded beans have been creating a lot of interest in the kitchen garden at Polesden Lacey, Surrey.  Visitors love some of the more unusual crops that we grow here.  This variety appears to be doing better than the runner beans, although I think that is because the bumble bees have been chewing the ends of the flower out to reach the nectar, and therefore preventing the pods from developing.


purple sprouting beans

Simon harvesting runner beansonion clare blog

Elsewhere on the kitchen plot, the onions are huge! Bizarrely, there is an annual ‘largest onion’ competition held in the local pub. Yep, only in England would you find an eccentric event like this, but I’m in. The allure of boasting about the size of my vegetables, while downing pints of beer with other equally engaging and fascinating gardeners like myself is too much to resist. I’m going to leave these  onions in situ though for the public to admire for a bit longer, as I have been priming some whopping swollen bulbs down on my allotment over the last few months, and these are ready to go… When it comes to vegetables, size really does matter!

Four hours later! Just to clarify what I said earlier….size does NOT matter, it’s what you do with them that counts! Christ, the humiliation! Right my little onions, it’s coleslaw for you!


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