The slimming wonder herb - that you can grow in your kitchen

So, I’ve just got back from the allotment after chatting to a very slim lady about her miracle calorie-free herb that she is growing on her plot. Stevia rebaudiana is far sweeter than sugar, and (according to my newly developed slim friend Zoe) is easy to grow in a greenhouse - or you can grow them on your kitchen window sill

And apparently, hard as this is to believe, the concentrated extracts of this herb are about 300 times as sweet as standard sugar. Zoe advises simply pinching out the shoots occasionally to encourage a bushier plant, harvesting and drying the leaves, and then adding them to food to sweeten them.

Dried leaves can then be added to cakes, biscuits, nice things, really nice things…blah, blah, blah.

So, now that I’ve discovered this miracle crop, I just need to discover the secrets of commercially processing these leaves successfully to make them into a concentrate so I can make my fortune. Apparently the process involves ‘steeping the dried leaves of the plant and then extracting the best tasting sweet compounds’ ….err, how do I do that? Please help me someone!

stevia cookies

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