The relief of having an allotment

So what is one of the biggest common problem facing allotment holders when they’re spending the day on the plot. Troublsome pests? Bindweed and ground elder? Annoying bonfires? Somebody hogging the water tap with a hose? Nope, it’s the need to go to the toilet. And lets face it, we all like to take our flask of tea and enjoy a midday cuppa or two, and perhaps later having a sneaky glass of homemade gooseberry wine in the potting shed. But this obviously leads to all sorts of problems…basically, where to wee. It is a major issue that affects many allotment holders.

My allotment in Dorking has a shed for a loo – and you can go into it with a bottle (for men) or a bucket (for ladies), close the door behind you, and relieve yourself. There are even ropes and harnesses for ladies to grip onto as they squat.

But imagine my delight when I visited the community kitchen garden ‘Grace and Flavour’ in West Horsley, Surrey and saw their bespoke toilet facilities. They have constructed a toilet block from pallets covered with compost bags and sacks. Inside these swanky facilities is a pit filled with straw and edged with sleepers for ladies to straddle over and do their business, and simply a bale of staw for gents to wee on…called a pee bale. Once the straw has reached its err ‘saturation’ point, it gets added to the community compost. Admittedly, there is no roof, but who cares. I am so envious of their luxurious surroundings. I will speak to my allotment committee immediately and demand we have one of these installed on our site immediately.

pallet loopee bale



I love this door too that has been homemade – or ‘plotmade’ from recycled pallet wood.

pallet door


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