I blame this plant for my expanding waist line…

Us gardeners are a clever bunch of people, we can even speak Latin. However, even the most articulate of my gardening buddies can’t pronounce the name of this plant first thing in the morning; Paeonia mlokosewitschii. So to make life simpler for us gardeners we call it Molly the Witch.
This beautiful lemon coloured specimen was found in the Caucasian mountains by a bloke called Ludwik Mlokosewitschii in 1897. Shame he wasn’t called Ludwik Smith or Jones, far easier to pronounce. I walk past this beautiful specimen early every morning in the 150m long border at Polesden Lacey in Surrey– no idea why, but it always make me feel like a fried egg for breakfast, not good for the waist line. Damn you Molly!

Molly the witch


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