Chilling out with work collegues

In the greenhouse at Polesden Lacey we have two very similar looking purple chillies. One of them is very, very hot, almost off the scale on the scoville heat scale (the official scale used to measure the capsicum, or heat in a chllii). The other is very mild and tasty. So what better way to entertain myself than to pick the mild one off a bush and munch it casually saying what delicious but mild flavour it has, and then allow a member of staff  who has annoyed me recently to try it too…but give them the burning, hot one to take a bite out of. Well, I find it funny…erm not sure they do! 
Word of caution - Do not try this at home, unless you really don’t like the other members of your family. 


+2 #1 Tracey 2013-08-22 20:01
Yep that certainly was one very hot chilli! I was well and truly stitched up!

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