Ever had a feeling you’re being watched?

Who are you calling a pansy?  I’ve been trying to concentrate on writing my Allotment Handbook this summer, and I can’t focus because everytime I sit in the garden with the laptop, I feel lke I’m being watched.
If you feel this way about the pansies in your garden, then there is only one answer. Pick the flowers and add them to a salad. They are not just edible, they are deliciious. They have a slightly minty, herbacous  flavour and their huge range of bright colours add vibrance to any green salad. They’re also great for garnishing platters or placing on top of hors d’oeuvres and  decorating cakes. 
Don’t be intimadated by the pansies. Pick them and eat them! They’re not that tough!


pansy for blog


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