Talking Rhubarb

The kitchen garden at Polesden Lacey is positively heaving with tasty produce at the moment. All the food from here goes up to the restaurant and is made into the most sumptuous dishes. On the menu today was the most amazing rhubarb jelly. Head Chef Kevin and Abi make this by poaching the stems, adding sugar to taste and lemon juice to avoid losing any of the lush, pink colour. Sheets of gelatine are then added and left overnight to chill in the fridge. 

One of our favourite rhubarb varieties is Victoria, as it has a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity.  Chloe has been doing the final harvest of the season. It is best to leave the remainder of the plant to grow for the rest of summer. Otherwise it will affect next year’s harvest.  The best method of harvesting these pink stems is to grab the stem by its base, twist and pull.


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