Damson vodka…I love it!

We’ve had a bumper year for damsons and plums in our orchard at Yew Tree Farm on the Polesden Lacey estate. The orchard is open to the public, so you're more than welcome to go and sit in there and soak up the stunning views over the valley, towards the mansion.

Damsons are delectable, and plums are err nice too. Although I love eating the fresh fruit, I love making damson vodka…it is the most smooth, velvety and luxurious drink imaginable. And if you make it now, it will have matured in time to give to friends as Christmas presents. Err, that is, if you’re not tempted to drink it all yourself before then.  A word of caution though…one glass is never enough, and it is just tooooo easy to drink.

I like to chill the bottle slightly before drinking, but that’s just personal preference…obviously!

Here is my secret recipe…actually guess it is not that secret considering it’s on my blog, nevertheless…

You will need….

1) 450g damsons,

2) 750ml of vodka,

3) 350g caster sugar.

4) Patience of a saint not to give into temptation and drink it before Christmas

Prick the damsons with a fork, and place them in kilner jars, add the vodka and sugar, give it a shake and leave for a couple of months.

Strain the juice from the liquid and bottle it. The remaining vodka-saturated damsons taste fantastic when eaten with vanilla ice cream.

Warning - Don’t get up too quickly after scoffing the vodka-saturated damsons, you may feel a little light-headed and wobbly on your feet! Hic!


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+4 #4 Guest 2013-08-20 14:18
This looks delicious. There are damsons ready in my back garden now, so must give it a go.
+4 #3 Guest 2013-08-19 07:50
Thanks Alex, will save you a bottle.
Yes please Kate - thanks. I'll see if I can stick on a link for you too
+4 #2 Kate Heysmond-Hart 2013-08-19 07:07
Sounds yummy!! Will be trying this out! Would like to link you to our web please!
+3 #1 Alex D 2013-08-18 11:13
I'll be looking forward to some of this over Christmas then!

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