Community kitchen Garden at Polesden Lacey, second session

Community kitchen Garden at Polesden Lacey, second session

We’ve had our second session of clearance at the community kitchen garden at Polesden Lacey. Thanks to Hillys for supplying the most amazing carrot cake, decorated with vegetables made out of icing sugar. Next year we are hoping to bake the cake from our very own carrots from the garden.

About 20 brave souls ventured out from the warmth of the garden mess room and into the pouring rain to do battle with tree limbs and wet sods of soil.

We have made a dead hedge from the lime branches that were removed from the trees as we want to recycle all the materials from the site. To build the dead hedge we banged in two rows of vertical stakes at 40cm apart and simply laid the branches into it. It will become a haven for birds and insects and hopefully a few small mammals.

Our next session will be in January. We hope to start planting our first vegetables this coming spring. We will also be planting a wide range of fruit trees to improve the biodiversity, and replace the monoculture of the lime trees.

Kate Rice is the Project co-ordinator for Polesden Lacey’s community Kitchen garden. If you live near Polesden Lacey and want to take part in this exciting project then please email her –

Simon Akeroyd

Simon Akeroyd is the author of 30 gardening books. He also writes for gardening magazines and newspapers. His first book Shrubs and Small Trees was published in 2008, and he publishes two or three books a year.